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Hello, online gambling fans, how are you doing today?  I’m just dandy, perusing the internet and looking for new developments in news of casino games.  This story wouldn’t normally catch the eye of the typical online gambling user but I guess I’m not normal.

There probably isn’t a living thing on this planet which hasn’t heard of Google (at least among those of us who use computers).  First they got into search engines, then advertising, then communication via email, and now the world.  Books, maps, auctions….what isn’t Google doing?

Some of you still may be thinking, what in the world does Google have to do with online casino sites?  Ah, that’s just the thing.  “Everything” is the answer.  We’ve known for years now that everything’s connected online.  Email, phones, cameras…it’s all about communication and instant access.

Seems that the next thing this mega-company is getting into is television and Google TV is sure to affect everything on the internet which of course includes online casino games.  Though we may not know much about it yet, we know it will of course be searchable just like all of Google’s products.  And because online gambling is so reliant on internet searches, it’s clear that this will open the door to an even bigger potential audience of users and online casino operators to meet.  If you haven’t been paying attention, there are an endless number of online ads from online casino sites and that’s sure to only continue and increase with Google TV.

Stay tuned, people-and whatever you do, don’t doubt Google.  If you do, you might miss out on some amazing online gambling opportunities.

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