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Top o’ the morning to you, laddies!  How are ya doing today?  Have you discovered your online gambling pot of gold at the end of the casino games rainbow?  Ok, so maybe I don’t know much about Ireland (aside from drinking lots of Guinness of Saint Patties Day and having listened to U2 non-stop for the last twenty-five years) but seems that it’s in the news recently for reasons unrelated to beer or rock music.  Imagine that!

Seems that Ireland has made the decision to begin taxing online gambling transactions to raise money for the country.  How will it work?  They will tax all foreign online casino operators who provide their services to residents of the country.  Which means what exactly?  If an online casino desires to make money from local citizens, they’ll have to pay an advertising tax.  Any international online casino sites will have to get a license to advertise to the Irish.

This is a new development, as offshore companies have not had to pay any kind of tax or get a license until now.  So will it work?  Not clear.  One online casino operator claims that residents will just use alternative sites that don’t have a license.  While it’s a step in the right direction to begin taxing and regulating the online gambling industry, there doesn’t seem to be any way to keep people from just going around it and using offshore casino games providers.

Still, I tip my hat to Ireland who seems to be one step ahead of certain countries like the US who still haven’t figured out that online gambling isn’t going anywhere.

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