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Hello, online gambling freaks!  How’s it going?  I’m good.  Spent the last few days doing what I always do:  what else?  SUDOKU!  Just kidding.  Online blackjack and other casino games.  It’s a hard life but somebody has to do it.

So anyway, when we last spoke, I was sharing with you the new “Rocky”-themed online slots game, a new product of the Playtech software company.  That’s not their only new casino game.  Turns out that they’ve also developed a Pink Panther game.  So how does this one work?  It has five reels, forty pay lines, and five great bonus rounds which can be triggered at any time.  Inspector Clouseau and the Pink Panther himself are displayed on the reel, among other pictures, and the Jackpot Adventure game can win you a progressive jackpot.  Even if you don’t walk away with the big prize, you can win a consolation prize as well.

Rocky and Pink Panther online slots games are nice but can we step into the twenty-first century, Playtech?  How about some newer movies get turned into casino games?  Maybe a comedy like “Superbad” where if you line up pictures of McLovin, Seth, and Evan, you win the big prize (free beer).  Or to coincide with the series conclusion of “Lost”, if you get Jack, Kate, and Locke, you win a million dollars (which of course does you no good without getting off the island.)

Whatever-I’m not complaining.  This is just another small step into mainstream pop culture for online gambling, and I think it’s a great thing.  Keep the movie-themed casino games coming.  I for one will keep playing them.

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