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Hello, online casino freaks, how goes it?  Good?  Great.  I had a nice weekend, getting out and soaking up the sun.  (And when I say “getting out”, what I really mean is “sitting on my ass all weekend playing online blackjack while drinking a case of Carlsberg.)  But who am I to split hairs?

Anyway, if you missed it, here’s a nice development in the online casino world.  Playtech, one of the two biggest developers of casino games software (along with Micrograming), has put out a couple of new online slots games and they take it back to the old days.  Retro is chic with old movies being remade all the time.  This summer brings us “The A-Team” and “The Karate Kid” remakes so why should we be surprised that old movies now being turned into online casino games?

One of the two is based on the classic film “Rocky” which you may not have realized one the Oscar for “Best Picture.”  This online slots game includes most of the characters you remember from the film and has a knockout bonus round where the Italian Stallion takes on an opponent for ten rounds.  If you can manage to spell the word “rocky” with the reels, you get paid five times the amount of your wager.  That’s enough to make me say “ADRIAAAAAAAAAAN!”  My only question is are they going to make sequels?  Online slots games all the way through part 6?  I’d love to see “Rocky 4” turned into a game although I’m not sure if I’d have to learn Russian for that.

Ok, another online slots game coming up next time….

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