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First the gangsters hit Chicago (Al Capone).  Next they hit rap music (Snoop Dogg).  In 2010?  Online gambling!  Huh?  If you’ve paid any attention to the online casino craze, it should be no surprise that the most recently released online casino game is gangster-themed.  Hide the women and children!

TopGame Software is behind the production of online slots game, Reel Gangsters.  (Get it?  Like “real gangsters” but with “reel”?  Never mind…)   With over forty online slots games already in their “arsenal” (Get it?  Arsenal?), this one is sure to appeal to the same crowd who made Grand Theft Auto one of the hottest video games around.

So how does it work?  Al Capone would love it.  The game has the old cops and robbers thing going with armed robbers holding up banks while pursued by policemen (who may or may not be corrupt themselves.)  The game takes you right back to the heyday of the gangsters with great graphics.

As far as betting goes, this online slots game can be played with a minimum bet of one penny or up to five bucks per credit, all the way up to one hundred bucks per spin if you’re playing twenty lines.  There’s lots of money to be made.  Of course some say that it takes money to make money.  And if you don’t have a few bucks to get started?  Why, go rob a bank! Not online, sillies-a real one.  What’s that about life imitating art?

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