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221 BC:  China starts building great wall.  1989:  Tiananman Square protests.  2010:  China tries to ban online casinos and internet casino games.  Don’t see a pattern?  I do.  Seems like every few generations, this ancient power attempts to create restrictions to some kind of democratic desire.  Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit to compare an uprising to not wanting citizens to engage in a little online blackjack but it still stinks to me.

From a country who infamously has banned Google (who by the way gave an online middle finger to China, pulling its Chinese site), this isn’t a major surprise to hear that they’re now targeting online casinos.  The US has of course done so as well; however, China has zero regulation and gives its government all the power to do as they please to shut down online gambling.

As for this recent news, the government announced their intention to block a variety of sites from its citizens including pornography, the aforementioned Google, several political sites, and of course, online casinos.  Here’s a quote from one government official: “We will strengthen the blocking of harmful information from outside China to prevent harmful information from being disseminated in China and withstand online penetration by overseas hostile forces.”

How do you say “eff that” in Chinese?  Some online casino owners have already gone to jail which just ain’t cool.  For a country who’s just dying to become the world’s superpower, they’re not doing a good job of it.  We all know there are billions (BILLIONS!) of dollars to be made, and with a population of over a billion, they’re missing the boat here.  And I don’t need a fortune cookie to tell me so.

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