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Holy cow, check this out.  Just the other day, we talked about the Australian politician who wants to ban certain mobile phone games for looking like online casino games.  Now this story coming from the land down under:  now Australian law enforcement have confiscated a computer because somebody could…..could….COULD!….use it gamble at an online casino.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!  Holy overreaction, Batman!  A company which provides bars with computers with internet access has been charged with, get this, operating an illegal gambling device.  Seriously?  Let’s investigate.

Tabucorp is a company which pays for licenses in Australia.  VenueNet is a company who provides the computers.  Tabucorp claims that VenueNet is violating gaming licenses because their computers can be turned into online casinos.  They’re not pleased that online gambling fans can access their accounts through the internet bypassing their services.  So what happened?  Tabucorp complained to the casino games authorities who responded by impounding a computer at a hotel in Melbourne.

VenueNet is obviously pissed, claiming that their computers are no different from those found anywhere such as in malls or at airports.  I gotta say, I agree with them.  The computer is just the device, people.  Not to get graphic but if some wackjob kills someone by stabbing a cell phone into his head, are institutions going to start banning the use of those as well?  This seems like the online gambling authorities are missing the point.

Online casino games are still new enough where governments aren’t sure what to do with them.  As the years pass and governments see the writing on the wall (namely, how successful they are), surely these incidents will decrease.  In the meantime, I’m going to make sure my cell phone is locked up safely.

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